Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | December 31, 2016

Hannukah Blast

It’s been a busy year, in both good ways and bad. Long time readers (sorry, you two) may have noted the decreased blogging frequency. Apologies. I would say, “I’ll try to do better in the new year,” which I will; but no promises.

It was a very good year from the standpoint of menorah acquisitions, although procrastination reared its ugly head. So it’s only today, the last night of Hannukah, that I’ve finally gotten around to photgraphing and uploading. The result will have to be this photo-laden post, instead of having to wait all week long.

In no particular order:

I found this colorful abstract menorah online. I think of it as what Easter Island would look like with curvy women figures:

This is one of several I purchased from the gift shop of our new synagogue. Aside from this, no, the collection is not going to the dogs:

Another from the new gift shop. I got another one as a gift for the Jock and his fiancée (!), whom I shall dub the Jockette for blogging purposes.. She happens to be a soccer player:

Another find from the Internet:

And another one:

Another one from the new synagogue gift shop, with a story. Apparently they had this one for quite a while. It had been stored up on the top of some cabinets, to where the heat rose, as physics tells us it is wont to do. Sadly, it melted the candles they had put in it for display, resulting in this magnificent addition to a work of whimsy:

Technically this was the first purchase of the year, as we acquired it in Jerusalem on our trip to Israel back in January:

This was a gift from the Jock and Jockette; Emoji-norah:

I made this one myself; Science meets DIY:

We also replaced our old electric menorah with this lovely LED version, sitting in the window, where it’s supposed to be:

That’s it for this year, in more ways than one. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a happy Hannukah, with best wishes for a very happy New Year.



  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. The menorah with the melted candles on it was my favourite one. It was so whimsical and fun.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Love the one from Israel. I always look forward to seeing your menorah pictures and was afraid you weren’t going to post any this year. Thanks again for sharing! (Gosh, LEDs, even).

  4. Love the photos and glad you’re OK!

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