Me and My Blog

They say the solo Family Doctor is extinct; gone the way of the dinosaur. Well, I’ve been in private practice for twenty years and I’m still kicking, so here’s my blog. Until they drag my cold, dead body off into the tar pit, read about my trials and tribulations — and the joys and triumphs, which are what keep me going.

I’m also embarking on a new career as an author. You can read my first book by ordering it on the page above. If anyone worries that I may become so successful with my writing that I will give up my medical practice, rest assured: writing is something I do; doctoring is who I am.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at:

notdeaddinosaur (at) msn (dot) com

Even though I am a practicing physician, no specific medical advice will be given on this blog. Please contact your Family Physician for personal questions. If you do not have one, please click here.



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