Medical Haiku

Now available in paperback for purchase online:

Haiku Cover

There is no subject whatever that is not fit for haiku.
– Basho

Turn your head and cough when you say that.
– Halstead

Medical jargon like you’ve never heard it before. From whimsical to poignant to flat-out hilarious, there’s something here from every specialty, every patient, every setting:

Art of medicine;
Amusing the patient while
Nature takes its course.

Cheap, effective, tasty;
Bubblegum flavor.

Eye physician and surgeon;
No one spells it right.

And many more.

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  1. Ophthalmalolgist;
    I spell it right. It just took
    One eye surgery.

  2. I just looked at this again and realized that I copied and pasted the WRONG spelling of ophthalmologist directly from the haiku! Haha. Serves me right for bragging about my spelling. Surprised no one noticed.

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