Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 31, 2016


For a much longer time than I’d like to admit, my dietary advice to patients was squarely in the “Do as I say, not as I do” department.

I’ve never liked fruits or vegetables. Oh, I’d eat salads, but not with tomatoes. I can’t stand tomatoes. I love cucumbers, but not the seeds. Once I discovered the seedless ones, though, I couldn’t get enough. Potatoes, of course. Onions were okay, but only cooked. That was about it.

Over the years, though, I can’t tell if I’ve become more adventurous, or just less rigid. I started adding red peppers to my salads. Then I found a magnificent recipe for a Watermelo Gazpacho, which I now eat for lunch every day.

Just to prove it to my family (ie pix or it didn’t happen) here’s my grocery cart last time I went shopping:


Watermelon Gazpacho recipe available upon request.




  1. Since I Introduced you to tomato gazpacho…which you actually loved, please be so kind as to give me he recipe fir watermelon gazpacho.

    Peter and I had a grape based gazpacho last Friday at Jose and Julie Robertson’s.

    Since I am not much for veggies either, I need all the help I can get. Btw, orange and yellow peppers are also pretty good. I think green peppers are bitter and Peter says they have no taste. Interesting. Love, M


  2. Sounds yummy.

  3. I’m open to the fancy lettuces for salads, and I use a lot more spinach than I used to. I’ll never be friends with kale; that’s just off the table. I don’t mind cabbage, but it’s really hard to use up a whole one with a small household. Beets roasted in foil to contain the mess are seriously good stuff. Fresh carrots (bought with the greens) are so much better than the sanded-down “baby” carrots. I just read something that said to cook down a batch of carrots and keep it in portions in the freezer to add to tomato sauces for an extra hit of flavor they otherwise wouldn’t have. I think you would love Tamar Adler’s book, “An Everlasting Meal”. It has excellent ideas on how to incorporate more veg into your diet.

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