Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 20, 2015

So Much Easier

I saw a patient the other day who was finally sober, again, after several relapses. She was working the program and doing very well indeed. She mentioned that she had gone to a yoga class, and then made the following comment:

It’s so much easier when I’m sober.

Which got us thinking about all kinds of other things that are easier when you’re sober:

  • Working: Much easier to get to work in the morning when you’re not hung over.
  • Laundry: Instead of getting so discouraged looking at the pile that you just have a drink.
  • Driving: without worrying about getting pulled over for DUI.
  • Yoga: and walking, swimming, basically any kind of exercise.
  • Cooking: when you haven’t filled up on booze.
  • Talking to people, like friends and family; much easier when you’re, you know, conscious. Which leads to:
  • Maintaining relationships: Directly related to the ability to interact with others.
  • Paying bills: without blowing the bulk of your paycheck on alcohol.

Then again, in fairness, there are several things that are much easier to do while drinking:

  • Wrecking your car
  • Alienating your family
  • Losing your job; after calling in “sick” one too many times
  • Going broke: much easier to lose track of where your funds are going.
  • Trashing your liver: it may take some time, but it’s still a relatively reliable way to end up with cirrhosis.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things for both lists, but this seems like a good start.



  1. For an alcoholic, easier said than done. One drink is too many and a hindred aren’t enough. I’ve seen it first hand. M


  2. […] good and bad habits: it’s apparently easier to do yoga while sober (I’ve never done it drunk, so I don’t know); thinking and doing; America isn’t […]

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