Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 5, 2014

Bare Bones Baking

Less than a month. That’s how long I made it without baking.

Six months isn’t that long, I told myself. I can go six months without baking. There’s virtually no room in my new (temporary) kitchen:

Ktichen Now

especially compared to what I’ve had since 1985:

Kitchen Then

Off into storage went all my baking gear: pans, mixer, food processor. I did bring my ingredients with me: 

Spare pantry


There they are on the top two shelves. The bottom shelf contains my cleaning supplies, and the shelf above that is my linen closet. (Here’s what is currently labelled “linen closet” on the apartment’s floor plan:)

Pantry Now

But on a cold winter morning complete with icy rain, I found myself craving something baked. Not just to eat, but to make: measuring, stirring, pouring…and of course licking out the bowl. But what to make? I perused my latest non-ccokbook cookbook, Ratio, for inspiration. Pancakes? No griddle. Coffee cake? No pans (and way too treacherous to venture out and purchase any disposable version, which had been my backup plan.) Biscuits? No rolling pin, no board. (Sure, there are granite countertops, but there’s no way to clean up the stuff that would fall down next to the stove and the fridge.) Muffins? No tins. But wait! My new favorite cookbook mentions that they can also be baked in a loaf pan. Substituting in brown sugar and adding cinnamon and cloves yields:

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Muffin LoafBrown Sugar Cinnamon Muffin Loaf

And voila, a lovely breakfast for a cold winter morning:





  1. Good going. We made some garlic herb bread – just add beer. Mx was pre 2009, so it may not be fit to eat. Baked choc chip cookies from frozen dough yesterday. Stay dry..


  2. Recipe? It looks yummy.

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