Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 27, 2006

Ninth Law of the Dinosaur (Tenth, too!)

Cathy is in a bit of a funk, but I have to thank her because in responding to her I realized that I have not yet articulated what I’m calling here the Ninth Law of the Dinosaur, but is actually my own personal Prime Directive in life:

Part A: It has to be fun.
Part B: If it isn’t fun, see Part A.

The idea, of course, being that if it’s not fun (whatever “it” is, be it blogging, practicing, writing, whatever) then something needs to change in order to make it fun again.

Simple, right?

Just remember, no one ever said that “simple” and “easy” were the same thing.

Hey hey hey!! There’s Dino Law #10:

“Simple” and “Easy” are not necessarily the same.

Thanks, Cathy. What would I do without you!


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