Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | September 13, 2020

It’s Anti-Nike Time

I know everyone is tired of coronavirus and all the restrictions its placed on our lives. And I know everyone is getting excited about those restrictions being lessened at last. But I have an important message for my little corner of the world (patients, family, and friends): It’s Anti-Nike time.


Just because restaurants are opening back up for indoor dining, DON’T DO IT! Just because gatherings are now sanctioned, DON’T DO IT! Movies, museums, concerts, communal worship, all kinds of normal activities we’ve dearly missed over the last six months are now opening back up again. Please, JUST DON’T DO IT!

The pandemic is not over. As people gather again, transmission will pick up and people will begin getting sick again. And despite our (very) slightly increased ability to provide supportive care for those who get sick, people will die. Probably a lot of them. Possibly more than have already died. And I don’t want that total to include the people I care about.

I know you’ve been wearing a mask (at least I hope so.) I know you’ve been limiting your contacts with other people (I really hope so!) And I know you’re going nuts, and your mental health is tanking, and so on. Unfortunately, none of that changes anything. THE VIRUS DOESN’T CARE!! Just think about how much worse your mental health will be when you’re grieving the loss of loved ones, and how much worse theirs will be grieving for you!

By the way, (some of you): No, this is not a hoax. No, it’s not a deep state attempt to oust Donald Trump, nor a Q-Anon conspiracy to wreck the economy. Yes, it’s exactly as bad as you’ve been reading, and it has the distinct possibility to get a hell of a lot worse.

PLEASE keep acting as if everything were completely locked down (as I suspect it will be again sometime in the next few months.) Keep wearing your mask in public, and stay away from people (the term I prefer to “social distancing”.) This disease is passed by sharing air with people, so “things” like groceries, takeout, and deliveries are not that big a deal, nor are wiping things down, and “temperature checks” with those notoriously inaccurate distance devices.

When in doubt about whether or not you should do something that involves other breathing, talking, shouting, singing human beings, channel your inner Anti-Nike and JUST DON’T DO IT!



  1. Kudos to you for your common sense.

  2. I agree with s gordon. This was a well-written and practical post. I have relatives I no longer spend time with due to how they behave during this pandemic. They’re simply taking too many risks and having too many get-togethers!

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