Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 17, 2017

Medical Marijuana is a Scam, with which I Want No Part

People keep asking me what I think about Medical Marijana. Does it really work? Am I willing to prescribe it?

Here’s what I think:

Given that there is no reliable medical evidence of efficacy for marijuana for any condition at this time, I’m gonna say no, it doesn’t work.

Do people who smoke or otherwise consume it feel better? Sure. Getting high feels good, at least to most people. That’s why it’s called “getting high.” But so does a massage or getting your hair done, or eating fresh bread (or baking it.) Or sipping a fine wine, or eating chocolate, or watching a magnificent sunset. The problem is that not everything that makes you feel better, even if you’re suffering from a chronic illness, ought to be classified as a medical treatment.

Do I think marijuana ought to be legalized? ABSOLUTELY! Legalize, regulate, and tax the stuff. Leave it to me to try discouraging folks from sucking incendiary particulate matter into their lungs, but quit locking people up (mainly people of color, I may add) for smoking, growing, or selling it. But don’t try an end run around logic by calling it “medical.”

Some might ask me to think of this as analogous to the Prohibition-era “prescription” of a nightcap for “medicinal purposes.” Except that back then there weren’t insurance companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers micromanaging my prescription pad, demanding prior authorization, only granted for specific diagnoses, complete with appropriate documentation. Even if I might be inclined to fudge a diagnosis, those charting requirements would push my integrity past where I’m willing to let it go.

That’s why I’m not willing to “prescribe” medical marijuana.

If only more docs were willing to take a similar stand for science.

(Apologies for not posting this on April 20th.)



  1. Glad to see you back. You had me worried!

  2. No worries, JPB. Been doing a lot of other things. Maybe I’ll post audio of my piano playing to prove it.

  3. Please do, and also post a picture of your finished clavichord (is that correct?).

  4. this trend is worrisome please go to this youtube video and let me know what you think.

    S. Rechter, MD

  5. I appreciate your nuanced perspective and agree with you–legalize, tax, and regulate it, and stop imprisoning for it. I also agree that there is not very much evidence to support is as a medical therapy. Great read!

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