Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | April 9, 2016

Updating Medication Lists

Reconciling medication lists — keeping them up to date with a patient’s correct meds — is an important task that I try to do at each visit. Sometimes a patient has stopped taking a pill for some reason: it was too expensive, or another doctor told them to. They may be taking new meds from different doctors. Sometimes, thanks to the way my EMR handles electronic refills, I have duplicate entries on the list.

True story:

Reconciling the med list for a diabetic lady the other day, I noticed that I had two entries for metformin. The first was correct and had her current dose (two pills twice a day, increased from the previous visit.) The second must have been a pharmacy-generated duplicate.

“Oops,” I said as I set about correcting my records. “It’s in here twice.”

“Is that because you told me to double up on it?” she asked.

After LMFAO, I asked her if I could blog the story. Not only did she agree, but she begged me to use her name. I declined. She asked why. I thought about it and realized I don’t use real names on this blog for anyone. Not for my kids or other members of my family, much less patients. The closest I’ll come is real initials. SO; this one’s for you, GP. 




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