Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 1, 2016

Back-Dated Travelogue, Day 8: Tsfat

Imagine a magnificent medieval city high in the mountains, streets terraced into the hillside, stone buildings dating to the 1500s and before, water collected in 45 meter deep cisterns, once the center of Jewish mysticism now known as a thriving artists’ colony. No need to imagine: that’s Tsfat.

Having arrived after dark we had to wait until morning to appreciate the view. But what a view!:


The hotel used to be a Turkish inn, and the art about town was unbelievable. Something amazing at every turn:

We finally had an opportunity for shopping actually built into the program. The stated aim was to help the struggling economy of Tsfat; all I can say is that we did our part:





  1. Not sure if we will be there. Can hardly wait to see your purchase. M


  2. In view of what you wrote later at Yad Vashem, I wonder if your guide took you through the cemetery at Tsfat. Although badly damaged by an earthquake in the 19th century, the graves of many Jewish notables are there. And, at the foot, a separate section is devoted to the graves of the 32 high school students murdered in Maalot in the Eighties. I always light candles when I visit there.

  3. No, Sarah, we didn’t get there. Next time…

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