Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 25, 2016

Back-Dated Travelogue, Day 1: Departure

We were so smart.

To get ahead of the monster storm forecast for the day of our departure, we decided to drive up to Newark NJ the day before and stay in a hotel. It worked like a charm: we were comfortably ensconced at the Holiday Inn before a single flake fell. The joke was on us, though, as well over two feet of snow proceeded to bury us, dashing our hopes of a departure that would have allowed us to arrive in Israel a day before the beginning of the formal program. So we stayed in the hotel an extra night, and arrived at our destination with a mere 25 hour delay, leaving our car pretty much buried in snow:


The flight itself was dull, boring, and uneventful. Just kidding! I made the mistake of heeding the call, “Is there a doctor aboard?” and wound up nursing a passenger who had fainted. He was fine, although while trying to take care of him we hit a nasty pocket of clear air turbulence, which only bothered me because I ended up strapped into a rear-facing jumpseat. Everything came out okay, though, and I was rewarded with a bottle of wine from the grateful crew.





  1. Enjoying your travelogue and also have to thank you on behalf of people who pass out on planes. I don’t pass out as a rule, was in great shape, had maybe a bit longer XC ski in the AM before leaving Boston late PM after a busy day at my desk and maybe forgot to eat…? I was walking down the aisle maybe an hour into the flight, paused a half second, and went flat down. The doctor said maybe it was low blood sugar. I was glad there was a doctor! I spend the whole flight to LA on the floor with the doctor next to me. I hope they gave him more than one bottle of wine! I must have thanked him, but thank you too!

  2. You’re all welcome. It’s what we do. Somehow doesn’t even feel like work.

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