Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 23, 2016

Travelogue (Back Dated)

So it turns out you change the date and time settings on a blog post willy-nilly. So even though it looks like I’ve gone dark and silent for a month, it was only because I was traveling. And what a trip I took!

I was out of the office for two weeks — the longest time I’ve every been away from the practice — encompassing an 11-day trip to Israel. And what a trip it was. To study biblical texts while actually at the site those texts either occurred or were written, well, to say it adds another dimension to bible study in quite the understatement.

I took a ton of pictures, of course, and have already posted several on Facebook. I therefore apologize to the overlapping readers who may already have seen them. I also kept a journal, so I have a record of contemporaneous reflections. One day I wrote a poem.

It’s nice to be back, and yes, there are several blog topics itching to get out of my head onto the screen, but it’s been hard to stop thinking about this trip. So please forgive the indulgence of nearly two weeks of back-dated blogging. (For the record, I’m writing this on February 15th.)

Here we go…



  1. Dear Dr. Dino, what a shame I couldn’t have met you when in Israel. I’ve been following your blog for some years now. I’m a retired certified nurse midwife, living for the past 40 years in Jerusalem. It would have been my pleasure to have invited you to a coffee, or even a bit of “off the beaten track” sightseeing!

  2. Oh dear, Sarah. Let’s shoot for next time. This was a very busy study tour with a group, so much of our time was scheduled. I would love to come back again for a different kind of experience, and would love to meet up.

  3. Shalom, v’lehitraot, as we say! (See you in future)

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