Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 23, 2015

Busy Day

I was very busy yesterday. In addition to the Philly Inquirer piece, I also spoke with the lovely Taunya English at WHYY.

Yesterday I was in the paper. Today I’m on the radio.

Have a listen.



  1. Congrats on the article and interview. Nice to see your voice out there getting heard!

  2. I read your article today about what the physician is thinking when we are giving our symptoms. I am sorry to comment here, but there was no place there (and I usually don’t comment). My doctor of several years is always yawning. If I tell him my eyes always have dark purple circles, he says, “Age.” I am 50. Persistent leg swelling in legs (gained 22 lbs. in 16 days). Don’t know. Lasix for a while then nothing. Chronic fatigue, new depression for no apparent reason, headaches. He pretty much just shrugged his shoulders. I went home again with nothing. I think I have adrenal fatigue/exhaustion from extreme stress occurring in 2012. These symptoms began in early 2013. I wish doctors would listen. It’s like they are doing us a favor. I pay every time. I have gotten rid of diabetes, high cholesterol, changed diet and exercise. I listen. He just seems obsessed with money now. Sending me for blood work he will benefit from. Never anything helpful for me. I am treating myself and maybe that is best. Thank you for bringing integrity to the profession. I know many are like you, but many are not. A lot of people just see $$$ signs when they choose a career. My doctor is 46 now. I am relocating but either way, I would leave him. Also, I have no proof but I know he altered my medical records because he took me off of Prozac in one day and put me on Cymbalta, assuring me it was okay because Cymbalta also had an anti-depressant. I told him I had been told to ALWAYS wean off of Prozac. Shortly after, I was in his office, blood pressure sky high and very suicidal. He did not refer me to the ER. He gave me his cell phone number instead which at the time I took to mean he cared. I know better now. It was a CYA moment for him. Funny thing is that I would not have sued him. I liked him. People make mistakes. But when I tried to get documentation of an illness I had, he refused so I got my medical records and guess what! No mention of that incident. Everything was “Patient decided . . .” I think less and less of the medical community, but am so appreciative when I think someone is genuine. You don’t need to respond or make this public. I am just sharing. Kind regards.

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