Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 7, 2015

Patients Showing Appreciation

Everyone knows doctors are only in it for the money. Not.

The most rewarding thing about the practice of medicine is making a difference in the lives of our patients. Whether it’s saving a life with surgery in the middle of the night, handing over a newly-delivered baby, or just reassurance that it’s only a cold and not bronchitis and everything will be all right; those are the moments we all treasure.

Patients have many ways of showing their gratitude, almost all of which are warmly appreciated. From flowers in the dead of winter:


to homemade holiday cookies (even store-bought), or just the sincere “Thank you” at the end of the visit, patients’ expressions of appreciation always make our day.

But yesterday, a family went above and beyond.

There was only about two inches of it, light and fluffy. No big deal. But after leaving my office reassured that her toe wasn’t going to fall off, this teen and her mom cleaned the snow off my car.



  1. And this is what keeps most of us going….

  2. I saw your comment about your book on Doc Bastard. I would like to read it, and would buy a Kindle version. Since it’s out of print, could you market a Kindle version yourself? You also might want to consider changing the title.

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