Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | July 12, 2014

Built a House (27): Final

House final

It’s done. We’re all moved in. So is our stuff; well, most of it. The piano arrives in a few more days. Then all we have to do is unpack, hang art, paint; you know, make it ours.

Once that’s all accomplished — or at least once I’ve cleared away a spot to sit down with a computer — real blogging will return. For all of you who followed along (three or four, I think) thanks so much for hanging in there with me.




  1. It has been quite a journey. Happy to hear you have moved in. The rest takes time. Give my love to Bill….meg


  2. Yay! Hugs and love in the new house!

  3. congratulations! it’s been a long haul…enjoy!

  4. Congratulations – enjoy!!!

  5. Congrats! Where are you going to hang the mask from the previous post? 😉

  6. Beautiful! I miss the brick exteriors. I don’t see much of that since I moved to Southern CA from PA.

  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to your blogging in the future!

  8. Gorgeous! I know you are glad to be done at last. And like JPB, I wanna know what you did with the tiki mask. You did buy it, didn’t you?

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