Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 31, 2014

Building a House (22)

House (22)

Finally the brick is done. Actually, there’s still one small row of it to go under the front door, but clearly the vast majority is completed. The “holes” over the garage doors and window are where the trim will go. The front door will be painted and shutters will be added to the single first floor window.

Indoors; well, indoors is magnificent! Hardwood flooring is down (and protected with cardboard and duct tape), the kitchen cabinets are in, as are the counters (covered with protective plastic that makes them look weirdly blue.)

Still a lot to do: bedroom carpets, installing appliances, finishing up the tile, trim, painting, and fixtures. Outside there’s a lamp post that still has to go in (whenever the brick is finally moved out of the way), a light between the garage doors, and a tiny deck out back. Plus grading, landscaping, and sodding.

However we cut it, though, it’s definitely closer to the end than the beginning.





  1. Looking good. Peter and I went shopping for a new door to his deck. His french door is rotting, as is mine. I’ll replace mine next year when they redo the exterior of my building.

    Guess you are getting excited. There is not much left and some could be done after settlement.

    See you Mondat… Margaret


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