Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 24, 2014

Urgent Hypocrisy

I received a solicitation in the mail to apply for a position at a new company moving into my area, forthwith to be known as the “Facility for Urgent Care, Killer-Docs, that’s going to be opening a new office nearby:

FUC, K-Docs is looking for physicians who enjoy the practice of medicine, and the chance to focus exclusively on patient care. If you are looking for freedom and autonomy without the heavy financial and administrative burden associated with establishing and maintaining a practice, FUC, K-Docs may be right for you.

Cool. Unlike too many other primary care docs these days, I still very much enjoy the practice of medicine. It just so happens that I have found the greatest freedom and autonomy comes from having my own practice instead of being an employee. But hey; maybe this is something I should think about.

I read on:

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing the highest quality* patient care while on shift.
  • Managing all patient care at the center while on shift.
  • Supervising all medical staff while on shift.
  • Ordering and reading all diagnostic x-rays and labs.
  • Ensuring medical staff follows proper protocols and conducts patient callbacks.
  • Ensuring pharmacy and CLIA approved laboratory compliance with regulations.
  • Ensuring center has all the necessary urgent care equipment, supplies, and medications.
  • Ensuring accuracy of ICD-10 coding.
  • Participating in the hiring and training of medical staff on shift.
  • Compiling quality data and addressing with medical staff as needed.
  • Participating in monthly conference calls with Chief Medical Officer
  • Ensuring all charts and medical records are accurately completed in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring patients are discharged with detailed instructions.
  • Collecting biological specimens and process them in the lab when needed.
  • Adhering to all center policies and procedures.

Excuse me? Only four out of the fifteen items on that list address actual patient care (bolded by me). Sounds to me like all of the hassles of running a practice — a pretty good-sized one at that — without any of the actual authority of ownership.

How could that introduction, followed by that list, be written without the author’s head exploding from sheer irony? It’s downright Orwellian.

It even turns out the guy opening the place isn’t even a physician. Figures. More money to be made getting doctors to manage, supervise, compile, ensure, participate, and adhere than by actually practicing medicine.

Sorry, dude. Not buying it.

* Defined as…?



  1. The acronym sets off alarm bells in my mind. FUC, K Docs? Is this legit or some sort of prank?

  2. The mailing was real. Quoted nearly verbatim. The acronym was created to disguise the actual company.


  3. There was a big article — the the times, I think — about how some hospitals are hiring docs to work both the ED and the hospitalist side. Sometimes it seems like most doctors get narrower and narrower in the patient selection and the problems they deal with, while a few doctors, who already see a huge variety of patients and conditions, are being pressured to take on even more.

  4. “Participating in monthly calls with the CMO”…so, what does the CMO actually do? Because it looks to me like all the CMO duties are being performed by the poor soul who takes this job. Does the CMO just listen in on a monthly conference call and collect his paychecK?

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