Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 3, 2014

Building a House (16)

House 16

All the siding is now finished. Everything left wrapped in green will soon be brick, which has already been delivered to the front yard. Inside, the drywall is just about done. They still have a lot of work left on it, beading, taping, spackling, etc. But it’s coming along very nicely indeed.

We also have a new neighbor to our right (left in the picture). There’s another one on the other side that’s due to be framed any day now. Within a few months of moving, we’ll have neighbors.



  1. Wonderful to look forward with less anxiety. King of Prussia was ‘HOME’ for a good long time. Will always be so for your kids. But the new home will be yours and Bill’s. Great for both of you. Lu m


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