Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | March 13, 2014

Rotten Low-Hanging Fruit

The topic for today is In-Home Assessments by insurers masquerading as “useful.” I’ve previously discussed my observation that only patients with few or no actual medical problems seem to be chosen for these assessments. What happens when someone with multiple, complex, longstanding problems is selected?



  • Location of pain: All over body
  • Quality of pain: Throbbing
  • What causes pain: Everything
  • What relieves pain: Seeing the chiropractor
  • How long has pain been going on: 42 years

Um, okay then.

PAIN TREATMENT PLAN: Follow up with doctor

Always a great default response. Since you home-assessment folks are right on top of things, what else do you suggest?

Member is recommended for reassessment of pain in: 6 weeks

Right. Because at that point it will have been there for 42 years and 6 weeks.

Good for a laugh, even though there’s nothing funny about it at all.




  1. This is, indeed a total travesty and a flat waste of taxpayer money. Somehow these jerks never make it out to see the old lady who’s disrupting her assisted living or the old man who lives by himself and won’t come to the office. They’re seeing the ones that come in every 3 months and comply with their meds.

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