Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 9, 2014

Just Because Everyone Says So…

Truth is not a matter of concensus. Lots of people used to believe the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around it. Sadly, many people continue to reject the concepts of evolution, germ theory, and even historical realities like the Holocaust and the moon landing. None of this makes any of these things less true.

To no one’s surprise, similar stuff is on the morning news. Yesterday morning, my local CBS affiliate breathlessly told of a woman with a Facebook petition trying to get artificial coloring out of M&Ms because she felt they were making kids hyper. She’s already got over 100,000 signatures.


As if that weren’t bad enough, though, at the end of the report the anchors ad libbed along the lines of, “Of course it’s the sugar that makes kids hyper.”

*exasperated sigh*

It’s actually been shown — over and over — that sugar does NOT influence children’s behavior.  Even Dr. Oz, who has gone over to the dark side on so many other things, has gone on record against the sugar-behavior connection. Yet there it is again on the morning news.

Kids are hyper because that’s what they do. Young mammals are full of energy. Ever see puppies playing? Actually, youth probably doesn’t really have “more” energy than other ages. It’s just released in more intense spurts. Young children run hard during the day (ideally with a nap or two, of course) and then conk out solidly for the night (despite parental laments.) There’s a kernel of truth behind the cliche “sleeping like a baby.”

It’s not the artifical coloring. It’s not the sugar. Kids are hyper because kids are hyper. I just wish the news would stop spreading nonsense already.

For totally made up, fact-free reporting, we always have the weather girl.

Ed: That last line is totally intended as a joke. Katie is awesome. Then again, how do YOU like it when your hard work is denigrated by so-called “popular wisdom”?



  1. Yes, and everyone knows that wearing deoderant causes breast cancer and getting the flu shot gives you the flu. If she wants to make her kids less hyper, turn the TV off. They will be forced to use some of that energy in other pursuits and the set up of tv programming teaches short attention spans. You have 5 minutes of a show that jumps from scene to scene every 30 seconds or so. Then you have 10 minutes of commercials changing about every 30 seconds.

  2. And send the little weasels outside to run around for a while…

  3. In some country, it’s writen on artificial coloring boxes that they may make kids hyper… I aagreee for the irrelevancy of the sugar-behavior connection but ‘d like to know wich study/ies let you say that artificial coloring has no on kids.

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