Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 7, 2013

Building a House (1)

Making the decision to downsize isn’t easy; except when it is. When the last kid moves out, and when all of them make it excruciatingly clear that vague parental fantasies of an eventual multigenerational household are *so* not going to happen, and when you find a house that makes you go “Wow!” Well, that’s not a hard decision.

Fixing up the old house to sell is a time and effort-consuming endeavor, crowding out usual activities like blogging and writing. But once it’s done, the results are worth it. Papers signed with the listing agent last week; deposit put down on the new place the next day.

And here it is:

photo (3)

That’s DDS standing just in front of the fireplace (we think).

More to come as we progress.



  1. How exciting! Hope all goes well.

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