Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 15, 2013

A Deal You Can’t Resist

It’s flu shot season. Everyone and their daughter wants a flu shot.

No problem; happy to oblige. I typically recommend flu shots to anyone who doesn’t want to get the flu. (Technically, that should be, “wants to reduce their chances of getting the flu,” but why quibble.) I’ve also discovered that most people start getting flu shot the year after their first really bad case of the flu.

Lots of people worry that the flu shot will give them the flu. It won’t.

Let me say that again: THE FLU SHOT CANNOT GIVE YOU THE FLU.

Many people start getting sick this time of year. Many people get flu shots. It is therefore inevitable that some will get sick within close temporal proximity to receiving the flu shot. This does not mean the flu shot gave them the flu.

To prove how strongly I feel about the importance of flu shots, here’s what I’m going to do for anyone to whom I give a flu shot who gets sick within a week: I will make you homemade chicken soup and bring it to your house. (Only if you want me to, of course.)

This offer is for real. And I make an awesome chicken soup. So come on in and get your flu shot, backed up with a chicken soup guarantee.

Edited for Domestic Tranquility: My dearest darling spouse, the most wonderful man in the world, and I, will make you the above-mentioned awesome chicken soup.



  1. Well, I just fell in love with you…not really, but how can you not love anyone who is telling people that the flu shot can’t give you the flu. Every year I beg my coworkers to take 5 minutes out of their day and go to the onsite flu shot clinic and get their free shot. I hear the excuse that the flu shot gave them the flu almost a hundred times, every year. This year my email said “everyone knows that is an excuse, because everyone has used it.” Still, everyone used that excuse…(aka, lie).

    Here’s the deal, you may not like getting a shot, but you will get over it quickly. You don’t even have to watch. If you get the shot you not only reduce your chance of getting the flu, but you reduce the chances that everyone (your children, your frail parents, your best friend) will get the flu. If you don’t have the flu, you can’t pass it to them. But more important to me is that you can’t pass it to me either. Yes, I got my shot in August. But cancer ate my immune system, so it is just a protection.

    If I were close enough to make it practical, I’d offer to bake them fresh bread to go along with that chicken soup, but I’d let you take it over. I don’t want to get the flu from them.

  2. Man, I wish (large hospital group that I work for) would offer that deal. I know it’s just coincidence that I’m shivering, running fever, hacking up a lung, etc a mere seven days from my flushot, but I could totally go for some soup!

  3. I keep forgetting, where is your practice located? Like the previous posters, I also could go for some homemade food right about now.

    As far as the homemade chicken soup is concerned, I trust that it would be low-sodium?

    If it makes you feel any better, one of the (rare, educated) patients I recently offered the flu shot to replied with some nonsense about how it would not only give her the flu, but also cancer and maybe even make her autistic (if I got my hands on those damn FUD-spreading “friends of a friend”…). I don’t know if my jaw dropped as I reeled from the ginormous mental facepalm, but I had to step out of the room before I cracked up.

  4. The other day I had a patient who told me the flu shot was a government plot to give us bad diseases so we’ll die quicker and not collect Medicare. And this guy seemed normal, at least there wasn’t any tinfoil in his baseball cap.

  5. Does that offer of free chicken soup also apply if the patient lives 150 miles from your office?

  6. @Just…Resident: Practice is in the Philly suburbs, north/west. My soup doesn’t have a ton of salt to begin with.

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