Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 21, 2013

One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingies

Playing a game of, “What’s the funniest foreign body you’ve ever seen in an ear?” with an ear doctor is a little like playing Marco Polo with Michael Phelps. You’re clearly at a disadvantage. I held my own for a while, though. But she won:

The funniest foreign body she’d ever seen was in a little girl’s ear: a Barbie cell phone.

Why did she put it in her ear? She wanted to hear it better. Perfectly logical.

Then, however, the thorough and conscientious specialty physician felt compelled to inquire about tinnitus. It’s not particularly germane in this clinical situation, but by gum, they’re going to ask all their routine questions (including about a sense of fullness in the ear, drainage coming out, etc etc).

So the doctor asks, “Do you hear ringing in your ears?”

The exasperated parent fixes the doc with a withering gaze.

“It’s just a toy.”


Thanks to AH for permission to blog.



  1. Love your postings, Lucy.

    All went well this am, thanks to Peter. He is amazing. Four years ago today, I came home to find Mel. Peter with me through this marks a new beginning. I take it positively. LU,meg

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  3. Too, too funny. But then, I still remember a certain little girl’s ear full of neon pink Play-Doh!

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