Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 7, 2013

Coolest App Ever

Okay, I know that title sets me up for accusations of overkill. No, I haven’t discovered Angry Birds. What I did find was the (free) e-version of the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for 2012. (Sorry, yeah, I know how last year that sounds.)

You can find it here. Download it for whatever device you want to use, then plug in your age, gender, and any special conditions (pregnancy, smoker, etc) and presto: view a list of specific recommended medical screenings. Want to know more? Click on an item, and it shows you the full text of the recommendation, including the sources used to arrive at the recommendation and its rationale.

Want more? You can browse the whole list, bookmark whatever you want, or peruse the TOOLS, a ridiculously exhaustive list of information, questionnaires, recommendations, consumer fact sheets (all cross-referenced), and so on. It is everything you could ever want to know about the current state of preventive care all in one handy-dandy mobile app.



  1. I m a medical app geek! 😉 So much can be handled with a cool smartphone and relevant app. How cool is this one?

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