Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | April 16, 2013


Grilled scallops with stir fried asparagus, mushrooms, and red onions with Wegmans Garlic simmer sauce:

Veggies & Scallops

The first time I made this, I used a package of Wegmans pre-cut veggies because I thought it was an interesting combo. It was. But this time around, I bought the veggies separately and cut them myself. Not only was this (a lot!) cheaper, it also allowed me  to make the vegetables more uniform and a little smaller. This helped them cook more evenly. I also did the onions alone for the first few minutes before adding the asparagus and mushers; another advantage of prepping them separately. My original thought was to toss some small bay scallops into the pan, but we couldn’t find any (in packages under two pounds), so DDS did the big ones on the grill.



  1. This I would eat.

  2. Making this tonight. Thanks for the idea.

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