Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 23, 2013

Truth or Fiction: Hard to Tell Sometines

I met a man with one leg.

He told me he had once been engaged to a double amputee, a woman with no legs.

He had to break up with her because she was running around on him.

Guaranteed 100% really happened. DDS can vouch.


  1. Hi, I’m one of your many readers, first time commenter. I was reading your older posts, the one about making money off healthy people via screening. You mentioned colonoscopies in the post. Are you suggesting that people not do them? Isn’t this a good thing to do? By the time colon cancer is symptomatic aren’t you pretty much toast? I get the arguements against PSAs, mammograms and etc., but I thought the colonoscopy was still considered to be for the good. What say you?

  2. @Allison: Moved your comment to the relevant post (here: and responded there.

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