Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | December 16, 2012

The Real Terrorists are Winning

The real terrorists in America today are not dark-complected Middle-Easterners with funny checked headdresses and different ways of praying. They are the so-called “gun rights” activists who like America just the way it is; a country of 315 million people and 200 million handguns where it is easier to purchase a military-grade assault weapon whose only purpose is the efficient extinction of anything in its path than it is to adopt a pet. The first step is to re-frame the discussion by calling those who glorify guns and refuse any form of government control over them what they really are: terrorists.

Those who love their guns more than children — well, other people’s children — cry their crocodile tears over the events of 12/14 (now the 7th candle will never be the same for another Jewish family) as they tell us that evil will always find a way; that events like these are the price we pay…for what? They are the ones who believe that more guns are always better. In an elementary school? What next, concealed carry for second graders? (Don’t laugh; I’ll bet I know one guy who has at least thought about it.)

No one in this country has any legitimate need for assault rifles, high capacity magazines, or hollow point bullets. Those who claim they need them in case they have to overthrow the government are like my 400 patient who claims his weight is an evolutionary advantage in case of famine. Who makes the decision that the government needs to be overthrown anyway? It’s a caricature of a reason. Banning these weapons of mass murder encroaches on no one’s legitimate rights of gun usage and ownership. That the NRA fails to step forward and endorse this self-evident truth proves its true agenda as enablers of domestic terrorism.

Meaningful regulations of firearms works. It worked in Australia. Unless it is given a chance to work here, the American terrorists have won.


  1. I’m a terrorist who loves guns more than children.

    Got it.

    Offering a false dichotomy is one sure sign of the weakness of your argument, Lucy.

    Nice to know how you really feel.

  2. Sen. Feinstein is going to introduce an assault weapons ban bill on the first day of the new Congress, she said today. Let’s all contact put Sens and Reps to let them know we support its passage.

  3. Oops, forgot to sign my post: I’m Kensington MD.

  4. DenverDaughter making her first live appearance on this blog…Lucy, well said. I am as much for constitutional freedoms as the next person, but how many times do I have to hear the same news stories, the same speeches, and the same arguments before this country realizes that something does indeed need to change. There’s a huge difference between hunters, target shooters, and the like (I do believe that responsible gun owners do exist) and someone who opens fire in a movie theater or blows away little kids. There is no reason for everyday Americans to have access to assault weapons, and it is time for the government to intercede before one more person snaps and more innocents die.

  5. Thanks for this. I wish I could have said it as well. All the phony baloney arguments boil down to one statement: “We would rather that children die than give up our guns.”

  6. You know, usually this blog has an intelligent, measured perspective on life. Comparing terrorists that slam airplanes into buildings with people who believe in responsible firearm use is just off-the-rails crazy.

    It isn’t a fair comparison. There is a legitimate, logical perspective from people that are pro-gun that doesn’t deserve this kind of sensationalist hyperbole.

    I’m a little surprised that this blog, considering the medical perspective, chooses to focus on the particular tool used in this tragedy rather than the real issue of mental illness.

    Shame on you for demonizing others that simply disagree with you and shame on you for equating gun right activists with terrorists.

  7. The real issue is the guns that are available to the general public, including the public that sometimes goes nuts, or has someone in their house who goes nuts, or has their guns stolen, or so forth.

    Guns are tools. They are tools made to kill. Can we agree on that?

  8. “The real issue is the guns that are available to the general public”

    Not necessarily. Seems like the real issue could be the breakdown of the American family and the inability of parents to control their kids.


    The American approach to mental illness and the insistence we have on demonizing asylums and near universal approach to treating mental illness via drugs as outpatients.

    Guns are tools, but they weren’t made to shoot elementary school kids. Some guns aren’t made to kill, actually. Instead of demonizing the existence of guns, why not demonize a society that allows a crazy person to run free?

  9. Not impressed with this one…not at all. To suggest that all gun owners are terrorists? For shame. Looking at your medicine posts, I would’ve expected better.

    Deal with the root causes. Sadly, shootings like we’ve had recently are newsworthy (which is why everyone knows about them), but kill far fewer people than a lot of other methods when you actually look at the numbers. There have also been a similar number of attempted mass shootings that ended quickly (or never started) because of an armed law-abiding citizen.

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