Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | December 11, 2012

Fourth Night of Hanukkah


A nice metal workhorse of a menorah. Pretty enough, and one that I’ve used on numerous occasions, as can be told from the less than pristine condition of the finish. I’ve tried putting the candles in the freezer before lighting them, putting the menorah in the freezer after the holiday, and every other permutation of “hints to clean your menorah after Hanukkah”, all with sub-optimal results. Oh well; I still like it.



  1. Ever sprayed with pam? Works pretty well.

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  2. Have you tried a light spraying of PAM before lighting the candles?

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  3. I run my menorah under the instant hot after Hanukkah each year to clean it. It probably isn’t the best idea for my drain pipes, but it cleans it out. At the very least it softens the wax in the little candle cups and then a q-tip gets the rest. I have a 17 year old silver menorah that still looks pretty good.

  4. I don’t know if such an item exists in the US — here in Israel, we can buy little glass cups of varying sizes, that fit into the Hanukiah, and can be filled with olive oil. Packages of wicks are also available. No spill, no mess. Indeed, one can also purchase disposable cups filled with either liquid or solidified olive oil that work the same way. Full set of 44 costs about $18. Light, burn, toss when empty.

    I stopped using candles years ago. Besides, there is a custom that women do no work while the Hanukah lights burn, and candles burn out SO quickly, while olive oil allows me a decent sit-down and time for a bit of knitting

  5. Haven’t tried the Pam, but keep meaning to.

    @Antigonos: I think I’ve seen those little cups somewhere, but haven’t tried them. I like that custom, though, so maybe I’ll look harder.

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