Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | December 8, 2012

First Night of Hanukkah


This year we have a special bonus: not just one but TWO brand new menorahs.

So we head into Tar-jay to pick up some plain white gift boxes, and discover their Hanukkah endcap. All kinds of candles, decorated napkins, chocolate coins, wooden dreidls, and a couple of random menorahs; the usual assortment. Except that THIS was one of them. That’s right: this lovely enameled menorah with a ridiculously low price that was not to be resisted. So I didn’t.



  1. I love this feature of your blog. It’s given me menorah envy even though I’m not Jewish.

  2. Very nice. Enjoy your yearly displays so much. Thanks for sharing with those of us in the blogosphere, and happy Hannukah.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. THAT is beautiful!

  5. Really pretty menorah! I love Tar-Jay. You can always find decorative and affordable home decor and such.

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