Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | September 30, 2012

Tweet Dreams

Like many people, I have to be told things several times (okay: many, many times, over and over again) before I actually comply.

You need to get an electronic medical record.

Yawn. Right. Can’t afford it/don’t need it. What? Found one that’s free? Losing a staff member/moving to a micropractice? I’m there! (Three years)

You have to join Facebook.

Why? That’s for college kids. Besides, it’s just something else to keep up with. What? You mean I can use it to communicate with patients? Catch up with old friends from camp and high school? Create a page just for my practice? It’s also free? Sure, why not. (Four years)

You really should use an electric toothbrush. (Six years)

Okay, TMI from my dentist. But you get the point.

The latest finger wag was over Twitter, the micro-blogging platform that’s taking over the world. Social networking gurus from Dr. Mike Sevilla to the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians all waxed eloquent on the virtues of the funny little blue bird. Even my agent Janet Reid, the great and powerful, all hail (Hail!) insisted that a Twitter presence was as indispensable to a writer as a stethoscope was to a physician.


Why bother? What can it accomplish that cannot be achieved with a blog, a Facebook page, or plain old email?

Something happened yesterday. I’m not quite sure what. It was similar to the moment about three years ago when I decided to lose weight, or whenever it was that I finally went out and bought an electric toothbrush, or six weeks ago when I decided to start working out on an elliptical. Hell, if I could bottle it and sell it to patients, I could cure diabetes. It was a Nike moment: that sudden urge to just go ahead and do it.

I signed up for Twitter.

Sadly, both the handles “DinoDoc” and “DocLucy” were taken. Fear not, though: I am now @DinoDocLucy in the twitterverse.

I’m trying to figure out how to find people to follow. Hash tags still make me think people want to play tic-tac-toe. I know the first rule of twitter is the same as the first rule of blogging (and of using commas, for that matter): don’t be stupid.

I shall try my best.



  1. Excellent! Welcome to Twitter. It is an incredible way to communicate, find information, relay information, network, and make friends. If confused, there is a great wiki with advice for new people using various social media for science (and yes, medicine). You can start on their Twitter page:

  2. I am now following you! Signed up for Twitter months ago and never found a single use for it. Finally found one!

  3. Follow me! (BTW I “tweeted” you most recent post….

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