Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 20, 2012

Other Stuff I’ve Been Doing Lately

I helped a friend write a book. No; that’s too grandiose. I helped her with some of the editing. In the process, though, I took the equivalent of an introductory course in typography. The only problem is that this cartoon now applies to me:


Everywhere I go, I notice the typography. I find rivers in medical journals. Papyrus makes me gag. Comic sans just annoys me. I even notice typography where there is none. Case in point:

We recently re-arranged our family room from this:

to this:

My reaction to the bottles on the top shelf:

They need to be kerned.



  1. Did you see how they did the great big Higgs Bison discovery presentation in comic sans? It caused quite a stir.

  2. Welcome to my world. Next you’ll be grousing about line length and justified type in memos.

  3. Yes, but kerned tighter or looser?

    Fun blog. Found you based on the Best of Doctors on the Web award from Pacific Medical Training. Congrats!

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