Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | April 25, 2012

Also True in Medicine

(Click on image to link to the original, which is slightly easier to read.)

From one of my favorite daily webcomics, Surviving the World. The guy who usually does it just had a baby (yes, it was his wife; it’s not that other guy) so he solicited a bunch of guest comics for his paternity leave.

Even though this one says it applies to “Technical Fields”, it occurs to me that it also applies big time to the practice of medicine. The top of the bell curve corresponds to the latter part of residency and the first few years as an attending. The only change I’d make to improve its description of medicine would be to add a long tail.


  1. Dr. Dino, you post this in jest, but as it turns out one of my colleagues is actually developing something eerily like this for evaluation in a resident-education setting!

    See page 18 here:

    Click to access Poster_Presentation_Book_2010.pdf

  2. I think that unversal healthcare would be detrimental to the advancement of human medicine. Drug companies would tirelessly to develop a breakthrough drug or a cure for a disease because they know it would be a huge payout. Would they have such a large incentive if the government would be paying them?

    Also, I heard that universal healthcare would result in everyone getting healthcare, but it would involve long lines. Everyone would get treated for cancer and not worry about the bill but they would have to wait 6 months for treatment.

    What are your thoughts?

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