Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 3, 2012


When last we spoke, I had pointed out a new primary care advocacy organization known as Primary Care Progress. Check this out: An interview with the dinosaur, in the flesh. Click HERE to read my scintillating answers to the following questions:

  • Many students who plan to pursue family medicine say they want to take care of generations of a family over the course of their lifetimes…Tell me what it’s like to take care of families through all the stages of life.
  • Under what circumstances do you make house calls?
  • Tell me about your book and your blog.
  • Trainees hear a lot of negative messages about primary care.  Do you have any advice for med students planning to go into family medicine/primary care amid these negative messages?

Best of all, thanks to DinoDaughter, there’s this:




  1. Very cool! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Lucy, thanks so much for your contribution to our blog and thanks also for posting about us on your blog Wednesday!
    Progress Notes

  3. Lucy-
    This is great! Thanks for sharing it – loved finally seeing where the Dino works!


  4. What a fabulous post! The video clip says it all, and gives a nice insight into the person behind this blog that I’ve been reading for a long time. I work for a decent sized group of family docs, and it’s good to see another side to medicine besides the codes and billing that don’t really tell you much about the actual substance of it.

  5. Great video, and you are a great spokesman for our specialty.

    I still have concerns about this organization’s intentional decision not to discuss the elephant in the room, i.e. payment reform.

    If they continue to ignore the overwhelmingly powerful cause for the imminent demise of family medicine, they will become (as the AAFP has) nothing but a front organization for insurers and government agencies, trying to con docs into doing work that they won’t get paid for.

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