Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 1, 2012

Primary Care Advocacy made Fabulous

I just found a (relatively) new primary care advocacy organization called Primary Care Progress. Students, residents, clinicians, all banding together to foster innovation and encouragement to support Primary Care from the grass roots up. Here’s their mission statement video:


That says it all, don’t you think. Consider clicking on over there and joining up; check out the boards and the blogs. I did. In fact, stay tuned tomorrow for a very special link, complete with another video featuring…well, you’ll see.



  1. Thanks for the information about this group. I am interested is seeing where they go. In my neck of the woods in central Wisconsin, everyone in practice is in primary care and specialists are not so common and to some extent understand that we are the source of their referrals and sometimes understand how primary care operates in rural practice. I’m sorry to see so few are entering the field.

  2. Lots of good ideas there.

    However, if they’re unwilling to confront the fact that payment reform is an absolute requirement for saving primary care, I don’t know what they can accomplish.

    There are some bad apples on their board of advisors, including a number of the academicians and policy wonks who are working most aggressively to destroy private practice in this country.

  3. Admire the vision, applaud the enthusiasm and encourge the effort. I grew up in a small farming community, one “family doc” who was always on call and we all had his home number. That was 1954 and people paid their bills or traded goods and services for medical care. We took care of Docs cars as part of his bills.
    Unless the economics of primary care change, these young doctors will soon find that there is plenty of work but little money for what they pursue. Perhaps that will change, but I see little evidence of that on the horizon.

  4. Great! Looks like they’re already accomplishing a lot!

  5. Wish they could have refrained from the use of the word “provider.”

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