Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 23, 2011


Four years and six figures later:

This is what happens when one spawns a man more dedicated, more studious, and much more industrious than I (not all that hard, actually): he earns a Masters degree in the same four years it took him to earn the Bachelors. His family schleps up to New England for a weekend of gabbing and eating and visiting, gathering to listen to speeches more potent than Ambien for sheer somnologenesis (with the odd witty moment thrown in like a kick of PLMS) and being treated to an all-too-brief world class performance by a true maestro.

The newly minted NinjaBakerMaster now turns to the more mundane tasks of packing up his room, cleaning out his apartment, and saying his goodbyes to his home of the last four years, followed by a unique interlude of several weeks during which he has no responsibilities at all save to plan for and dream about his next steps.

Best of all — for me, at any rate: a handful of solid topics, good for at least a week of quality blogging.


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