Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 22, 2011

What a Difference 18 Months Can Make

I’ve spoken of this before, but here is some pretty dramatic (IMHO) visible evidence:

This is what a 50 lb weight loss looks like. The first picture is a cringe-inducing “Don’t you dare take a picture of me!”/click by DDS in late fall of 2009, the second a “Sure, let’s get a nice vacation shot” in Cancun this March.

This transformation has increased my credibility for weight loss counseling. Therefore I am preparing to launch a new service: Online Weight Loss Counseling. Stay tuned for complete details on the tab above.


  1. Looking good, Doc!

    I’m down 45 pounds since February 1, myself!

  2. Wowza.

  3. What’s most impressive is not that you lost it, but that you have kept it off!

    Continued congratulations!

  4. WOW! A huge congratulations to you! And I think you are correct, the key to losing weight is eating less unfortunately 😦 I’ve been so active and do dutiful about hitting the gym regularly, but I can’t seem to lose my last 10 pounds at all, though I am more toned looking though. The problem is the gym makes me so hungry!

  5. Dang! You look great!

  6. You know, I think I would be interested in that endeavor. I haven’t found an online weight loss place that fits my needs, especially if it isn’t going to cost as much as Weight Watchers does. It’s a bit more than 250 dollars a year and that’s really expensive to a lot of people.

  7. FINALLY ! Someone I can say did it- so I could totally be inspired not by a 20 something with no experience or possibly education.I’m in doc and I bet MANY more would follow.I am staying posted! and THANKS for the inspiration

  8. You look fantastic and I am very interested in online weight loss counseling — I need help and encouragement!

  9. […] another. I remember it having been way too tight, but when I tried it on, I realized that had been 50 lb ago. It fit just […]

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