Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | April 27, 2011

Best Pun Ever

Or if not the very best, certainly well up there:

My sister has a green ceramic pitcher in the shape of a fish, which makes a really cool glug-glug-glug sound when you pour water out of it. Last week at a dinner party, she was thirsty and asked to have it passed to her. Alas, when she went to refill her glass, the pitcher was empty. This allowed her to say:

Oh dear; it’s a fish, out of water.



  1. That’s a groaner to cherish!

    Of course, when it’s refilled, you could comment that her glass is “a water, out of fish” . . .


  2. Not only am I thirsty, but I now want a green fish pitcher…

  3. And — it wasn’t just a dinner party, it was a Seder — and the pun was definitely fueled by the four full glasses of wine I was traditional enough to imbibe!

    Love ya, Sis!


  4. @minimedic: It’s a “traditional” piece by Shreve, Crump & Low. I didn’t see a pic of the green version I have, but this is it in blue:

  5. most excellent pun!

  6. I will say it again- KUSH!!!!!

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