Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | April 8, 2011

Fun Fact

Courtesy of Kensington MD:

[In the event of a government] shutdown, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics automatically applies for unemployment on behalf of its employees. [Then] when they get back to work, they have to include themselves in the unemployment statistics.

Wait a minute: when they go back to work (assuming the government comes back online, so to speak), then they’re no longer unemployed, so they shouldn’t be included in the unemployment statistics. And while they’re not working, there can be no unemployment statistics compiled, since that’s what their work is, so how can they be included in the unemployment statistics?

If there’s no one in a forest to hear a tree falling on a snake eating its tail, then everything I say is a lie. I am lying.


  1. I am now reliably informed that your penultimate sentence hits the nail on the head. If indeed there is a government shutdown, there may be a month or two with no unemployment statistics whatsoever. (But if they do get back to work in time to count themselves as unemployed, that’s kosher too, since all BLS statistics are retroactive: They cover unemployment during the ten-day period beginning the Sunday of the week that includes the 12th of the month.)

    Thank you for a frank look at this disturbing situation.

  2. I meant your antepenultimate sentence.

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