Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | March 4, 2011

Birthday Nookie

I love technology, oxymoronic though that may seem coming from a dinosaur. The thing is, I never lose sight of the fact that technology is a tool. As long as I can store and retrieve data from paper more efficiently than from electrons, then paper it is for charts, addresses, and calendar. Then again, once I find a piece of technology that helps with one function (iPod touch for Epocrates), I’m thrilled at the serendipity of finding other uses for it.

As of this writing, I have several desktop computers (one at home, two at the office), one laptop, one netbook (mainly for travel), digital camera, digital video camera, cell phone, and an iPod touch. They meet my needs, and the vast majority of my wants. What about an iPad? Until the iPad can multitask, and until it runs flash (or whatever my EMR ends up migrating to), it does not. What about a Blue Ray player? Between the DVR for time-shifting TV viewing and the DVD player for movies, ditto.

What about a Kindle or one of the other ebook readers out there? I considered looking into them a few weeks ago while birthday shopping for DinoDaughter, but she saved the day by requesting something else. The thing is, I love books. I don’t find the paper versions of them overly cumbersome. Before purchasing an eReader, I’d have to research the various options, features, formats, and so on before making a carefully considered choice. After all, it’s a big decision. After much thoughtful deliberation, I concluded that I really do not need an ebook reader at this time.

So of course last night after sunset (Erev Birthday*), Dearest Darling Spouse presented me with a birthday gift: the Barnes & Noble ebook reader known as the Nook.

First order of business after charging the thing up is to give it a name. This isn’t just me being cutesy; electronic devices need names. So I named it Nookie, as I’m sure 60% of people do (20% probably call it “Nook”, 10% call it “Reader”, 5% call it “Mine”, and the other 5% give it a person’s name). I haven’t had time to do more than superficially peruse the freebies. Hell, I’ve barely had time to update this blog, much less keep up with the newspaper, TiVo’d entertainment, and books in progress (both reading and writing). Therefore any advice about the care and feeding of ebook readers in general and the Nook in particular are welcome.

Technology. I do love it.


* Today I am 52, meaning that if I had a card for each birthday, I’d finally be playing with a full deck.




  1. Congratulations on your birthday!

    I hope you love your Nook as much as I love my Kindle. I didn’t think I needed a Kindle; I really liked books just fine. But I finally bought a Kindle because I wanted to read “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” and it was STILL a totally unwieldy hardcover book. Within a few weeks, I would tear your arm off if you tried to separate me from my Kindle. I read faster on it; I love having several books on hand so I can read whatever I’m in the mood for rather than just whatever I can lay hands on; I love that everyone around me can’t tell what I’m reading; I love that I can go on vacation with just my Kindle rather than with a stack of books; I love that I can read two or three books a week and yet not have stacks of them ANYWHERE. I hope your experience is just as good.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dr Lucy!

    I myself am enamored with the IPAD 2, but now that I have a macbook that is less than a year old, I can’t justify the expense.


    I do so love the tech.

    Enjoy your Nookie.

  3. Next year you’ll add a joker to the deck and you’ll be in your prime!
    Happy almost-full deck birthday from that COG.

  4. LOVE my Nook! If your local library system has ebooks (which many are starting to), you can download library books onto your home computer and then transfer to your Nook, all without leaving the house. They go away after the lending period. It’s fantastic! (The Kindle will not let you borrow or loan books, although I like it’s controls slightly better.) Plug it in every night when you go to bed if you read much-the battery life is not nearly as good as they say it is. It will also store picture and audio files. I also get my newspaper on it daily.

  5. I don’t have an e-reader yet – I’ve been saving my credit card rebates as points and soon I’ll be able to get a Kindle. I am so looking forward to eliminating the pile of books next to my bed (generally about 6, between my fiction, non-fiction, and Harry Potter that I’m reading to my daughters). I, too, don’t generally find singular books cumbersome, but carrying my entire (future) library on one device is so appealing.

  6. Happy Birthday Dino Doc! Enjoy your Nookie. I’m still saving up for mine 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  8. dds. formally known as ds here..

    Thought I might expalin the thought process that went into selecting a Nook vs. Kindle. Yes there was one.

    I take a shuttle into work most mornings and have noticed a number of folks who routinely read during the 45 minuts or so trip into work. For the past numbers of months paperback and hard cover has transitiioned to electronic media for most of them. The research started with them! I can report this sampling of people are deeply devoted and loyal to their device of choice. If anything they all extoll the virtues of eReading regardless of device.

    Next step was looking at reviews on the net. The reviews are more or less consistent – buy a Nook or a Kindle and you’ll be happy. Not a lot of help here either..

    Then it was the differences between the eReader services particularly since I was not intereted in upgrading to color or 3g. Prices of the base unit is similar enough $139 (Kindle) vs. $149 (Nook). Since you can purchase most if not all of the same content from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, there is no real advantage here. The ability to “lend” books is in the Nooks favor. As mentioned in an earlier comment, some local library systems support eReader services targetted toward the Nook, our’s is one of these. This capability made the differnce for me.

  9. I like my nook–love is a strong word- what I found was it was getting harder to get rid of books I didn’t want to keep so a ebook made sense

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