Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 8, 2011

Patchwork Post

Bits and pieces of stuff heard recently:

Bit the first:

Patient comes in to refill prescriptions. She has a new mail-order plan with an outfit called Express Scripts that allows her to get 90-day supplies of her medications. A few days later she calls to ask us to order a one-month supply, as there will be about a three-week delay in her order. Her quip:

“They should have called it Pony Express Scripts.”


Bit the second:

Brunch buffet at a hotel; my mother asks if it’s okay to leave pocketbooks at the table. I hesitate a moment, then decide to wait with her until someone else from the family comes back with their food. The first one back is DinoDaughter, whom I ask to please watch our pocketbooks. Her answer:

“Sure; I’ll keep them from exploding. I’ve very good at making things not explode.”

The girl has mad skillz.

Bit the third:

Looking up diagnosis codes for insomnia, I come across 046.72: “Fatal Familial Insomnia.” I’ve never heard of it. I say it out loud, only to have Solo Staffer respond,

“It doesn’t sound good.”

(It’s not.)



  1. “The Family That Couldn’t Sleep” was a recent popular book on the subject.

    It’s a prion disease, like scrapie or BSE. Not good at all.

  2. I also have to say that ExpressScripts is not only NOT express, but it’s occasionally not even the right scripts. Nothing like waiting several weeks for a simple refill, but having it show up and be a close, but not identical, version of the drug you take is kinda annoying.

  3. Express Scripts takes forever. And it doesn’t help to send the rx electronically or by fax, they just claim they never got it. Now I just write the paper rx and let the patient mail the durn thing.

  4. My insurer makes me use Pony Express Scripts but aside from the general slowness, I haven’t had a problem. *crosses fingers in hope next refill is correct*

  5. Yeah, I used – less than a week, usually three days. Haven’t checked if prices are better.

    About three-month scrips: when I asked one doctor to write out 3-month, he was reluctant because in his ezperience some insurance companies will only pay for one month at a time.

  6. mamadoc: agree 100% We also refuse to call or fax scripts to mail-order pharmacies for exactly the same reason. Let the patient deal with the hassle.

  7. Want a real nightmare. Be an oncologist and be forced to order oral chemotherapy through these mail order fools. Doesn’t arrive when it should (we are talking chemotherapy here one week delay DOES matter) Then have the mail order company get the drug/dose wrong. All because the insurance company saves a little money. Blue cross is a nightmare organization.

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