Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 17, 2010

Technology Through the Generations

The topic: reading something in a magazine or newspaper that I think would be of interest to a friend or family member. How does one convey it, and how does it change through the generations?

This crotchety old guy in his 80s who I’ve known for years cuts out the page, puts it into an envelope with or without an actual hand-written note attached, sticks a stamp on it and puts it into this quaint little receptacle known as a mailbox. Two to three days later, wind/snow/sleet/gloom of night notwithstanding, it shows up in the quaint receptacle at my doorstep, and I read it. Then I drop him an email about it.

I, a 50-something dinosaur, tear out the page, scan it to create a PDF, and attach it to an email to the NinjaBaker (who may then drop me an email in return).

The NinjaBaker and his cohorts go to the publication’s website and locate the hyperlink to the article in question, which they then paste into the body of an email. I don’t know if he even reads anything on dead trees anymore.

I wonder how his kids will send him things. Or if they’ll have any trees left to climb.



  1. By telepathy??
    I think the trees will long outlive us…

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