Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 1, 2010

The Month Without Blogs

Between my week-long trip to Denver at the beginning of the month, my never-thought-I’d-be-doing-this EMR adoption, and a week-long business trip overseas by DS, last month was ridiculously busy. I’ve often been busy in my life, what with practice, home, family, animals, etc. but I usually managed to find enough time to do stuff other than eat and sleep. This past month, even those sometimes came up short. Something had to give, and that something turned out to be blogs.

Not my blog, though. I still managed to get in at least one or two posts a week. None that were overly intense or time-consuming to compose; no great passionate diatribes; just enough to keep the spigot flowing, however weak the dribble. But I never got the chance to go read the other blogs I generally peruse regularly.

It began the week I was away. By the time I got back, my Bloglines feed aggregator showed about three hundred unread blog posts. I made sure to check in on some of my faves; those with fewer than five posts — especially from bloggers I knew tended to be relatively succinct — I tried to clear. But posts from other, longer-winded colleagues continued to pile up.

I found myself reluctant to even click on the link. Two thousand, three thousand, then at the end nearly four thousand unread posts in the queue felt more like an overwhelming burden than a pleasant read. By yesterday, though, I had no choice: Bloglines was going bye-bye. I had to find another way to keep track of my blog subscriptions, and I did it in a marathon session last night while DS manned the doorbell handing out candy. I switched over to WordPress, using their subscription function in a long, monotonous session of click-copy-paste. I tried to skim some of the medium-length posts as I went; I left windows open with longer lists of posts on other blogs, and made some tough decisions about what I really enjoyed reading, versus what I felt compelled to read. I may eventually manage to go back and get to them all, but I can accept that I may not.

Writing a blog is only part of blogging. The other, equally important part consists of reading and responding to other people and their writings. I’ve never been a particularly loquacious commenter, but I respond enough so that my friends know I’m there. Well, for the last month, I haven’t been. I’m not worried that no one’s noticed; really, I’m not that conceited. But I feel the lack; I know I haven’t been paying attention; I know I’ve been out of touch. A month without a single LOLCat/Dog/Sport/News/Graph/Failblog picture feels decidedly odd. (Not xkcd, though; of those, I did not miss a one.)

Don’t get me wrong: in some ways, it was great. Even if I only spent half an hour reading blogs every day, this month I’ve accomplished fifteen extra hours of other stuff (mostly at the office), which is a good thing. But now it’s time to get back to work. Bloggy work, that is. I owe it to all my new Oprah-generated visitors to produce that edgy dinosaur stuff they’ve been promised. So it’s back in the saddle again, baby, and even if you never noticed I was gone, I’m baaaaaaack.



  1. One thing that helps me keep up with blogs is google reader- I can read them on my iphone whenever- the only bad part is when I read blogs instead of paying attention in class.

  2. I too have been “Out of the loop” so to speak for a few weeks now. I miss my buds. I miss blogging. So I did what I always do when I need to get back into the flow of blogging – I posted a recipe. I’m back!

    Now it’s NaBloPo Mo and I have to post every day. So will everyone else I suppose. And the reading and writing goes on…

    Nice to see you, doc.

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