Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 31, 2010

I <3 Halloween

I got this outfit for $20 when Woolworth closed, and I wear it every year for Halloween. Yes, even to the office when the holiday falls during the week. I think by now I’ve heard every possible udder joke in existence. Best line over the years from the office was when I walked into an exam room, grinning as the patient eyed me up and down. At last, she simply said, “Got milk?”

Even though I didn’t see patients today, it is still Halloween, so of course I put on my beloved cow suit. It was frosty this morning, so when DS pulled the car out of the garage for us to go out to breakfast, he turned on the front seat heater for me (I usually call them “bun warmers”). Given that I know he’s not fond of being seen with a crazy lady dressed like a cow, today I found myself wondering if he was actually pre-heating the grill.

After breakfast we stopped by the grocery to pick up a few things. Over in the dairy aisle I saw a little girl sitting in a cart with a gallon of milk next to her in the seat, and decided to have some fun. I went over, cleared my throat, and said to her (loudly enough to attract her mother’s attention, so as not to scare anyone), “Excuse me; can I have that back, please?” pointing to the milk. The kid was clueless, but the mother laughed uproariously, which was my goal.

Any moment now the doorbell will begin going crazy, and I’ll start handing out KitKats and Reeses, not sure if I want to get rid of them all or if I hope we’ll have some (not too many; just some) left over for noshing. Halloween and chocolate; perfect together. Hope everyone has a fun one.



  1. You should have come with us. My daughter went as a farmer this year, compete with tin milk pail.


    Kensington MD

  2. Nice teats!

  3. I love your costume!

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