Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 13, 2010

Star Struck

I’m on Oprah!

Imagine my shock and delight at discovering that I am one of “4 Doctor’s Blogs to Read Now” on Actually, I’m number two of the four. Still, pretty damn cool.

I’m on Oprah!

I’m torn. On the one hand, I’ve spent the last few years disillusioned and dismayed at Oprah’s descent to the dark side of woo and pseudoscience (Jenny McCarthy; Dr Oz and his acupuncture; the secret of The Secret, which is that it’s nonsense), not to mention totally bummed that her book club will be defunct before my novel comes out.

I’m on Oprah!

Even as I cringe when she promotes nonsense (and pumps up others who are doing the same), I’d still love to sit down with her over a cup of tea. She’s got that girlfriend vibe down more solidly than just about any other human being on earth. I get the sense, irrational as it may be, that if I could just get her to listen to me, I’d be able to set her straight on some of the idiocy she’s been (inadvertently?) spewing.

I’m on Oprah!

Then again, there is no denying that everything touched by Oprah Winfrey turns to gold. I would be a bald-faced liar if I denied that I’m excited at the prospect of increased traffic for my blog. Not that I make any money from it, but the idea is to build a following. The publishing industry calls it “platform”. There’s a limit to the number of patients I can see in my office on any given day, but not to how many people I can reach with my writing. So however much I may huff and puff against the intrusion of pseudoscience into medicine, aided and abetted by the likes of Oprah, I’m still thrilled at the shout out.

I’m on Oprah!

Thanks, O.



  1. Woohoo! Congratulations! You’re in the big time now!

  2. I had read you a while ago for some time, then lost track of your blog. Found you again in O magazine. Congratulations!! I’m hoping you can be on her show, cause I want to hear Oprah yell out “dinosaur!!”

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! I’m feeling rather smug, now, I have to admit. After all, I was reading you before Oprah!

  4. It’s confirmed; the great O has ‘excellent taste’! Congratulations!

  5. I have to thank Oprah’s November issue for bringing me to your site. (Psst–yours seemed the most interesting of the four listed but we won’t tell that to the others, okay) Your writing is honest, humorous, and informative. I enjoyed my visit and look forward to reading more. Congrats.

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  7. About time Oprah caught up with the rest of us who recognized your awesomeness from Day 1. 😉

  8. That’s PDC (pretty damn cool).


    Kensington MD

  9. damn, girl, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer dinosaur! Yay you!

  10. Yeah! BUY HER BOOK!!!!! READ HER BOOK!!!!

    The Dinosaur has much to add to the entire healthcare reform debate. She’s in the trenches and knows of what she speaks.

    Congrats Dr. Lucy!

  11. Congrats, doc!

  12. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer doc! Congratualtions – and don’t forget about your long-time loyal readers now you’re famous!

  13. *Congratulations

  14. You’re on Oprah!! Woohoo!
    Would love to see you across the table from Jenny McCarthy as someone who is at the coalface of vaccinations. I would watch Oprah for that.

  15. Congratulations on the Oprah mention! OK, it took a while for the news to make it to CT, but it’s great to see. Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Much love,
    The Jockette

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