Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 12, 2010

The Power of Hair

I got a call from a frantic mother whose 7-year-old daughter had fallen off her bike. She actually sent me a picture of the kid, whose impressive hematoma in the middle of her forehead looked like a third eye. I asked all the closed head injury questions and got all the reassuring answers, so I was able to tell the mom to chill out — and do the same to the boo-boo, with an ice pack.

Later, I heard the father had observed, “Guess what; picture day at her school is this week.”

“Crap!” responded the mom. “Hey, sweetie; how would you like your hair cut in bangs?”

“Sure,” answered the kid, so off to the beauty parlor they went.

Here’s the before and after:

Well done.

(Not to worry; I’m told the red stain on the shirt in the “before” view is in fact jello, and not blood.)



  1. Wonderful! Absolutely, wonderful!

  2. She looks good in bangs

  3. I can confirm that the red spot is indeed Jello, not blood.

    Thanks again for being there for us, Dr. Dino — don’t know what we’d do w/o you.

    Chilled out Mom

  4. Oh, and yes, she *was* wearing a helmet.


  5. Wow, a similar thing happened to me in 6th grade. My parents thought for sure that Hollywood was in my future. As such they paid a high priced photographer for a photo shoot. We did not even own a car and had to take a 3 hour bus ride to Hollywood to get the 8X10 Glossies which they really could not afford.
    The day before the big shoot, I fell while playing 4 -square and developed a third eye. As is turned out, with a new part in my haie and a bit of creativity, I was able to cover the monstrosity on my forhead. As with this little one, my hair saved me.

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