Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | October 2, 2010


The setting: a lecture on “Emergencies in the Office”

The topic: Cardiac arrest, and a discussion of current CPR recommendations.

The lecturer: dynamic to the point of amusing.

His rendition of exhorting us to minimize interruptions of compressions for best resuscitative results:

Just keep on pushing. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing!

My response, muttered to the young guy next to me:

That’s what she said,



  1. Or in the immortal words of the musical duo Salt ‘n Peppa: “Push it REAL good!”

  2. Or as I put it for my FD classes: When it’s time to push: “go harder, go faster, go deeper, and don’t stop! Feel free to remember this any way that comes to mind.”

  3. Are you a fan of Michael Scott from “The Office”?

  4. The new continues chest compression is a work lacking all good blow jobs.

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