Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 25, 2010

Four Years and Counting

They say the solo practitioner is extinct; gone the way of the dinosaur.

Close, perhaps; but not quite yet. I am still here; taking care of patients one by one, day in and day out, closing in on the end of my second decade in the solo private practice of Family Medicine.

Truth to tell, things are very tough. My income has declined in each of the last four years, so I don’t know how much longer, realistically, I’m going to be able to continue.

So come along and watch as one of the last dinosaurs meanders along, trying to avoid stepping into the tar pit while worrying that it’s already knee deep in it.

That was my very first post, written four years ago today.

What a wild and woolly four years it’s been. I began by remaining completely anonymous. I even tried to disguise my sex by writing as gender-neutrally as possible. I dove into the rough and tumble of the medical blogosphere, presenting a persona far more curmudgeonly than my true, modestly charming self. (I can hear this crotchety old guy in his 80s whom I’ve known for years cracking up at that one.) I commented on other blogs while generating conversation here. I’ve contributed guest posts and joined networks.

I’ve made friends, both real and virtual. I’ve hosted Grand Rounds, not just once but twice (and will be doing so again on September 7th). I like to think I play well with others on the internet.

My kids have moved through another academic generation. Three years ago, I sent my last nestling off to college (one of the best pieces I’ve ever written, IMHO). Now he embarks on grad school applications and his senior year. One’s finally graduated; another is following her passion; the last has a birthday today.

I participated in writing contests, and even ran one once.

I was invited to write a book, which I did. It also netted me an agent and induced me to shed my anonymity.

What will the next four years bring? Despite my ranting against EMRs, I strongly suspect that I will end up computerizing my medical records in one form or another within the next few years. I hope to have at least one more book published; I have a novel nearly finished. I hope to FSM that my kids will all be out of school by then, though I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath.

What about the blog? Will I still be here, sounding off about family practice, patients, insurance companies, specialists, cats, food, and the Phillies? Here is all I can say for sure about the four years under my belt, and whatever the future may bring:

So far, so good.



  1. Happy anniversary! Lets do the chant—Four more years! Four more years!

  2. Happy blog anniversary!

  3. Happy Blogaversary! Hang in there, Dino, you done good.

  4. Happy anniversary! Here’s to another four years!

  5. This from the COG: DOn’t worry, you’re everything you say you are.

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