Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | July 27, 2010


Only my kid would come up with this in response to some random challenge:

You’re going down like an extra 21st chromosome.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, APS.



  1. Are you serious? This is very offensive. I can’t believe you call yourself a doctor!

  2. Apparently you live in a Norman Rockwell painting where to call oneself a doctor one must have no sense of humor and not insult anyone to any degree. Half the jokes in the world are insulting! We can’t say “retarded” because it’s offensive, but 100 years ago, saying something was “lame” meant insulting someone with a physical handicap too. It’s impossible to be PC 100% of the time. And let us not forget that it was her child that made the joke, not her. If having a sense of humor makes one a bad person/doctor, we’re all doomed.

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