Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | July 13, 2010

We Will Survive

This was too good to hold onto for another week. (Tisha b’Av starts at sundown July 19th.) How better to get back at those who tried to kill you, not just by surviving, not just by living, not just by dancing, but by dancing with your grandchildren:

(From Pundit Kitchen; check out the comments too.)



  1. Bad taste in my opinion. Sure, I like the whole thing of celebrating life and survival – but to do it at right at these locations seems a bit off.

    He may have survived, but an awful lot didn’t. There is nothing in Auschwitz to celebrate.

  2. It made me cry. Survivors dancing in front of the ovens with their grandchildren. IN YOUR FACE!!! God be with you.

    There is something to celebrate – Hitler wanted to wipe the Jews from the earth, and he failed.

  3. Thank you for sharing Dinosaur. I think that is a wonderful way to say “I’ve survived, I’ve succeeded, and you failed”

  4. I thought the premise was odd, but it really touched me….”I am alive and here are even more of G-d’s choosen people~~~~ that desend FROM ME!”

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